Avanblanc was founded in 2014 thanks to the creativity of the designer Francesca Calistri, who had decided to create her own collection, made entirely in Italy.
It’s a successful idea: the Avanblanc creations are among the finalists for the prestigious competition Who is on Next 2015, the scouting project organized by Vogue Italy in partnership with Alta Roma.
Made on the basis of special leather processings, each bag carries the soul of a creative process starting from the knowledge of classical art for a mix and match of entirely handmade modern graphics.
The evergreen brand shape is unique, for an accurate and precise style choice depending upon your needs.
The details of the leather itself, shaped according to meticulous studies on form and volume, donate consistency and thickness to each model, giving rise to a rigorous and sometimes irriverent collection. Avanblanc adapts its timeless collections to the modern world, for a woman who likes to stand out in every detail of style.


The high-quality materials of the Avanblanc collections offer a concrete expression of luxury. Combining calf leather with exotic materials such as crocodile, ostrich and python, the brand shows a clever mix of leathers and finishes that allows us to appreciate the various facets of elegance and value proposed by Avanblanc. The range of materials enhancing every collection shows a bag which changes from essential to luxurious, from rigorous to eccentric: the choice of the leather matches the personality of the bag, which can be classic, minimal or non-conformist, without ever neglecting the quality of materials.


It’s not always necessary to go too far to stand out: you only need one well-thought-out particular to express your identity. That’s what the geometric precision of the Avanblanc bags means: a discreet but firm style statement. Studied in detail, ideally combining the creativity of design, the precision of the project and the accuracy of the manufacturing, each bag tells its own story, an example of art born from the severity of the forms. A resolute and uncompromising elegance which is also expressed in the color palette, refined but in the meantime assertive, chosen in order to be noticed with discretion. The search for a higher quality continues with the materials: soft and smooth leathers finished with metal accessories treated in detail. The Avanblanc collections express the composite soul of the brand: original forms referring to visual arts, colors, folds, lines and waves turning into pockets, combining functionality and beauty in a mathematical and fascinating harmony.


The implementation of an idea is a careful and sophisticated process. To donate substance to its vision, Avanblanc takes advantage of the Italian tradition as well as of the new development techniques. Every creation is based on a meticulous attention to detail, an obsessive use of high-quality materials, an unrelenting search for the highest aesthetic precision.
This precision is obtained also thanks to the use of new technologies. The refined working skills, carried out by Italian companies, and the sophisticated excellence of materials, also 100% Italian, guarantee a unique and timeless style.



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